Best bes for 3D modeling computer build for $1500?

Hello Experts,

I am looking into building my first computer. It will mainly be used for 3DS Max modeling and rendering as well as Sketchup, Autocad, Photoshop and Illustrator. Rendering will not be too intense mainly architectural interiors. I was planning on purchasing the Intel I7 2600K Processor, which seems to be the best within my budget for this build. Any advice on other components that would fit this budget and work together would be greatly appreciated. I am sort of lost on what components will work better for rendering and modeling rather than gaming.
Again my budget is around $1500

I hope this is the right section to post, sorry if it's not.

Thanks a lot!
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  1. I'd recommend filling this out and then we can assist you better:

    But for architecture programs and even just Photoshop and Illustrator - you don't need a 2600K. It's mainly reserved for high end video and 3-D rendering apps that require hyper threading.

    I work in an architecture / engineering firm and I'll tell you that most of the programs we use are so far behind the hardware that, let's put it this way - I'm the only sandy bridge build on the network. We use a lot of Autodesk products with custom plug ins, Adobe Acrobat, and a few CS4 programs with plug ins, and I'll tell you this. Anything Autodesk makes - including 3-D Revit and other similar programs are so far behind the hardware that even a 775 system will run everything pretty smoothly.

    Even on full CPU loads - I use an i3-2100 (for now, I'll probably upgrade in the near future) with 16GB Corsair RAM and a Crucial SSD - I don't come anywhere close to using 80% of the CPU load.

    If you fill out the form I can recommend you a good built that's pretty similar to what I use and it will handle everything you can throw at it.
  2. i3 i5 i7 all have hyper theading
  3. Rosebud said:
    i3 i5 i7 all have hyper theading

    No they don't - only the i7 has hyper threading.
  4. read
  5. easy to find
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