Best 3D Rendering build for $1500

Hello Experts,

I am looking into building my first computer. It will mainly be used for 3DS Max modeling and rendering as well as Sketchup, Autocad, Photoshop and Illustrator. I was planning on purchasing the Intel I7 2600K Processor, which seems to be the best within my budget for this build. Any advice on other components that would fit this budget and work together would be greatly appreciated. I am sort of lost on what components will work better for rendering and modeling rather than gaming.
Again my budget is around $1500

I hope this is the right section to post, sorry if it's not.

Thanks a lot!
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  1. i would reccommend moving this thread here:

    andfor the software you have listed, do you do a lot of large scale rendering?
  2. 3930k asus sabertooth x79 16gb quad channel memory other stuff etc.
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