Cheap GPU for office use only

I would really love some advice on buying a new gpu. No gaming or HD video acceleration required, only used to power an 1080p monitor and office applications, as well as some internet browsing (I am rebuilding an older system for my mother). For reference, the mobo used is an older Asus P5KPL.
Reliability and price are very important(something under 50$ would be prefered).
Thanks a lot.
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  1. Welcome to the Tom's Hardware forums!

    Are the onboard graphics not enough?

    Anyways, I highly recommend a 5450, it's an amazing card for light use, not to mention very affordable, my friend has his running a 1080p monitor without any problems.

    Here's a link to where you can buy the card, you may be also to find it at a local .
    electronic store like Fry's/Microcenter.

    5450 on Newegg:

    Also, since your mobo is old, I got you the 2.0 version, so you should have no problems with installation.

    Good luck!
  2. I ended up ordering this one: (~30$). Thanks a lot for your suggestions.
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