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I have a home network set up and my router, a linksys WRT54G, does not seem adequate, it frequently stops functioning and must be reset. It tends to stop working when several devices are active. As far as wired connections go there is a media PC, a network backup device, and 3 game consoles (connected to a 4 port switch) there are also 3 laptops, another game console and a couple smart phones that regularly connect wirelessly. My place is not very large. I'm looking for a wireless router with at least 4 Ethernet ports that can handle the network load without needing to be regularly powercycled. Wireless G is fine and supporting at least WEP security is a must. Suggestions?
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  1. a couple more pieces of info the computers are all PCs and are running XP or Win 7 and I did not mention that there is a wireless printer on the network as well.
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