Ready to beat this Asus mobo... P5E3 WS Pro

Cannot for my life seem to get the Marvell RAID controller (3gb/s) onboard to create a RAID array. It just hangs, even after I set SATA to RAID mode in the BIOS (which, from my limited research, will also mean I will need to reinstall Windows on my SSD hanging off the Intel channel, as SATA is currently set to AHCI for the SSD speed-need... :sarcastic: ) For clarification, it hangs at the very last part that asks "Create array [Y].?" No response, need to CTRL-ALT-DEL and reboot the mobo...

The controller sees both 3TB drives without issue, and lists them as "FREE" and available. I'm trying to create a RAID 1 array.

Win 7 64 bit, before anyone asks, but this is the boot Marvell controller interface (ctrl + M), so Windows isn't too relevant. Win does ask me to individually format each drive, so it isn't the OS (for once)... :sarcastic:

Anyone have a workaround?

Utter BS...
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  1. UPDATE:

    Giving up, unless someone has a solution.

    Went into Windows partition manager after installing the Marvell drivers manually (auto-detect didn't work), created a mirror array out of both drives. However, it's my understanding that performance is seriously degraded runnning a "RAID 1" array in such a way...
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