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I just got a Lenovo G580 Core i5 laptop today. It was advertised to have 2 memory slots and have a max of 8GB of RAM supported( ). I started it up and Lenovo Solution Center opened automaticly to run a "check-up". Under the "Memory" section of the hardware category, it said the computer had 4 memory slots and supported 32GB of RAM. So I took the back cover off and found 2 visible slots for memory. I then installed cpu-z and again, it said it had 4 available slots of memory. So I'm just wondering, how many slots my laptop has and how much memory it can support.
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  1. ha, well if you opened the pc and it only had 2 slots than it has only 2. :D click on the start menu and righ click on my computer and hit properties. it should tell you if the pc is 64 or 32 bit. if it says 64 bit you are in luck!!! you may double you RAM by buying two 4 gig rams cards.(you may already have 8 gigs check in the same place you went to my computer properties) if you are unsure of exactly what size you need go to a computer store and say you need laptop size ddr3 2x 4gig ram sticks. they will hook you up.

    Best Of Luck,
  2. clok555 said:
    ... go to a computer store and say you need laptop size ddr3 2x 4gig ram sticks...

    Also known as SO-DIMM DDR3.
  3. manofchalk said:
    Also known as SO-DIMM DDR3.

    yes, thank
  4. When you opened it up, did you look under the 2 slots you saw? I've seen em where they send set of mem slots are under the first 2. Just something you might wanna check..
  5. Hi, I own the same Lenovo G580 that came with Windows 8 and 4 Gig's of RAM. The chipset of the I5-3210M is capable of running 4 slots of RAM, but our laptops have only 2 built in. Both slots are capable of running 8 gig's each of which I am running the 4 that came with it and 8 extra that I added.

    Hope this helps ...
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