His 6870 iceq turbo x saphire 6780 vapor x crossfire

Hi. I have his 6870 iceq turbo x and i want to crossfire that with saphire 6870 vapor x. Is that possible? There is no problem that brands are different and 1 card is turbo? Thanks.
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  1. Well it shouldn't be any problem except that both cards have to have the same clock speed.
    I think the iceq turbo x is clocked at 970, vapor x at 900. So if you cf the iceq clock will be lowered to the vapor x.
    You can then oc them and try get them both to 970.

    If you don't already have the vapor x I'd get another iceq turbo x and cf them
  2. Ok thanks. 1 more question my power supply is LC-POWER 600W LC600H-12 V2.31, I know this is noname but will be good for 2 his 6870 iceq tubro x? I read people have problems with those cards did you heard anything? I dont have any problems. Thanks.
  3. 600W cuts it pretty close, specially with that psu. 650W is reccomended i believe. I wouldn't try it.
  4. Ok thanks.
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