My CPU Temps risen 20 degrees after installing new CPU e8500? Normal?

I have an artic cooler freezer pro 7 and used arctic silver 5 thermal compound.

I had an Dual-Core e2180 2.0ghz CPU installed with my Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3L, which was 27C idle.

I just went to Fry's electronics and they installed a dual core e8500 3.16Ghz. C01 stepping model.

Everything works fine but my new temperature is 48C idle?? I called and the lady told me that she installed it correctly and used the right amount of thermal compound.

Is the 20 degrees difference because of the new CPU? or is it a bad CPU? I bought it off Ebay Used.

Will I not be able to Overclock with this CPU?

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  1. UPDATE:

    I just did a stress test with OCCT for less than a minute and temperatures Skyrocketed.. 69, 70 degrees...
  2. 70c is quite high for stock settings.

    Sounds like it's possible the heatsink isn't seated properly.
  3. It was Fry's electronics so I would think they would install it correctly? (They actually shifted the arctic cooler 90 degrees clockwise from my original install)

    I am using Staxrip to encode a video and my temperatures rose to 67C... This is definitely not right, what should I do?

    Should I return the CPU and purchase another one? Or should I go back and ask them to re-install it?
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    So is the fan facing down towards the GPU or forward? Always want the fan facing forward.

    Also it does seem a bit too hot for that cooler at stock settings.
  5. So its not the CPU itself, but improper installation of the cooler?

    The fan is now facing the GPU/Graphics Card currently. It was facing forward (towards the front of the case) originally. Do you think I should go back and ask them to face it forward?

    And yes it is wayyy too hot for comfort and I did not touch any settings/OC. The thing is I have an arctic cooler which worked extremely well for my original e2180 CPU. It was idle at 27C and I believe it went to 48C on Prime95.

    The sad thing is my computer is much much faster (I also just purchased an M4 Crucial SSD).
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