Okay this may seem like a strange post and i may have slightly got the category wrong but i believe this is mostly just to do with the hosting mobo. Anyway i sort of have an idea what thunderbolt ports are and what they are used for but much of my research gives it to me in complex ways with heaps of useless info, so what i am asking is what are the main use/ advantages the thunderbolt ports can provide because i am contemplating getting a new mobo with thunderbolt ports and want to know if i would have a need for the advantages it provides. Don't just tell me it is fast because i know that.
Tell me if this is the wrong place to post this i just didn't know where else to.
Any help would be appreciated thanks.
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  1. # of devices that use thunder bolt right now.

    There really is no need of it right now. The same kind of applies to USB 3.0, but we are slowly getting there!
  2. What about monitor connectivity, even though no one uses on board graphics, is it better to use than on board dvi/ vga/ hdmi ports because i hear it is similar to DP
  3. Apart from speed, it's daisy chaining - up to 6 devices, they say.
    More info here:
  4. OK so i'm defiantly not going to be daisy chaining lol i don't have any devices to do that. So thanks for the help i don't think i will be spending an extra 50 or 100 just for thunderbolt just yet. But i am very keen on the ASrock Z77 extreme 4, it seems to be a very popular and good performance board for the price.
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    Maybe in a few years, that will be when thunderbolt is useful. Right now it's new, and we need to integrate it first......
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