What's wrong with that XFX hd 5750??

Hi people, my problem with my card is pretty indefinable with words. Instead i'll link a video from dragon age 2 showing you a display problem almost happens all games.
Please have a look at thins 30 secs long video.


My pc specs;

Intel i5 760 processor
Asus P7P55D-E pro
4gb 2200 ghz ram
750 watt PSU
XFX ati radeon hd 5750
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  1. It appears to be memory problems on the video card.
    Are you overclocing the video card memory? If so dissable the overclock and check to see if things improve. If it is factory overcloced return it to stock speeds and see if things improve.
  2. good news and bad news
    good news is that ive had this problem two times and i know how to fix it.
    bad news is one of those two times it wasnt fixable.
    the time i could fix it it was a heat issue i underclocked the card to compensate, then later got a 3rd party vga cooler to blow the air out the back of the case. rather easy fix. check to see how hot its getting go into catalyst and under performance then amd overdrive you can see the temps and also underclock it there.

    the other time i couldnt fix the card i had to rma it and actually got a better one as a replacement. i love newegg
  3. Yea definitely looks like a Memory issue...another good thing is if Newegg wont RMA the product, you should contact and register the product through XFX. They have an outstanding next to lifetime warranty on their products and their RMA process is outstanding. So register the product, contact them if Newegg falls through. XFX's warranty is the only company that transfers their VidCard warranty to new owners when you sell the card to a friend or someone down the road (to the best of my knowledge)

    Hope you can get all this squared away.
  4. Thank you guys. I am contacting to the tech service these days. Hope they'll help. But the thing is if they accept to RMA the card i'll probably have to send the card over sea..
    Thinking of buying a new card also. Maybe a gtx 560 ti.

    Thanks for your suggestion again.
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