Disable port 80 on windows 7

I can't download WAMP and am told Port 80 is blocking it. How can I resolve the problem?

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  1. If port 80 was actually blocked for downloading (OUTBOUND), you wouldn't even be able to access this forum, or anything else on the internet. So that doesn’t sound right.

    Is it possible you mean port 80 is blocked INBOUND, so users can’t access your WAMP service over port 80? If so, you need to forward port 80 on your router's firewall to the internal IP address of the machine running those services.

    NOTE: Sometimes your ISP will block port 80 too (using his own firewall), so you may need to use a port other than 80 for your external port.

    name: wamp
    external port: 8080
    internal ip address: (just an example)
    internal port: 80
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