Why does gaming suddenly lag offline.

now and again without reason ie playing shift 2 racing game after finishing a race, when it starts another race the frame rate drops unbelievably and becomes unplayable.this also happens randomley whilst playing crysis 2 , race driver grid and f1 2010.i must say that i play my games at 1920 x 1080 resolution with most of the visual setting up full. I know i should perhaps just turn down some settings but what i cant understand is it will play a whole level of crysis 2 on full settings brilliantly , its only when its changes levels ( or tracks on the racing games) that i get this massive drop in frame rate and lagging going on.i play all my games offline.my specs are:..

Xigmatek midgard case

asus m4a77t motherboard

amd phenom ii x4 965 blacke edition 3.4 ghz @ 4 ghz stable and cool. idle 34c load 52c

coolermaster hyper tx3 heatsink/fan

8gb kingston hyper blue ddr3 1600. (4 x 2 gb)

palit geforce gts 450 sonic platinum 1 gb gddr5 idle 30c load 45c - 50c

700 watt power supply.

300gb sata hdd

can i have some help on this matter please , thanks.....oh by the way my graphics card does overclock but i leave it at default speeds.
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  1. Drop settings since you are at the upper limit of what your GTS450 can.
  2. thanks. Can you recommend a sub £175 graphics card that will play latest games at 1920 x 1080 ,all details full.crysis 2 in direct x 11 with hi res texture pack at that res would be my target. any help would be appreciated.thanks.
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