GTX 590 or Radeon HD 6990?

Not quite sure which one to go with.... I've read so many reviews and none are helpful.

Which is best for one monitor at 1920x1080 and pretty heavy video game use?
If I'm blowing this much money on one computer part, I want to have the best that can play all games on extreme settings.

Not sure which to go with!!
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  1. They both will enable you to reach your goal, actually they are both overkill since GTX580 can as well!
  2. Besides certain games which prefer one brand to another, Most reviews indicate that at 2560 resolution, the 6990 wins. At 1680 and lower, the 590 often wins, however. At 1920... it's roughly a tie.

    The 6990 seems like the better long term choice, as it doing better at higher resolutions seems to indicate it will handle more intensive memory games in the future. Also 2GB vs 1.5GB may help sustain the long-term viability.

    This review really shows the phenomenon I mentioned:

    Although the 590 is ahead on average, keep in mind that average includes 1024x768, 1280x1024, which no one with a 590 or 6990 would ever use.
  3. Thanks guys!
  4. The other issue here is youve got 3-4 months before the new cards come out... buying now would be a poor decision IMHO.
  5. Yep, purchasing and building my system early next year so I have plenty of time to wait and decide what I would like to have.
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