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Hello, I just brought a Radeon 6770 to replace my old nvidia 8600GT. My CPU is an Intel E5200 so a bit old, I have just reclaimed this PC back from my sister and noticed the CPU is running very hot, around 75 degrees celcius on load. It has a Zalman CNPS9500 fan however I believe it needs reseating.

I've tried playing FIFA 12 and have noticed that the graphical performance is below par, could this be due to the CPU getting too hot?

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  1. Yes, the high temp could be adversely affecting the CPU performance. Reseat the CPU/HSF with a good Thermal Interface Material (TIM). 4Ryan6 has posted comparisons of various TIMs in the THG Overclocking forum; it's a "sticky"
  2. Your CPU is plenty for a little 6770, especially with some overclocking.

    If it has been sitting for a while make sure you clean all the dust out of the CPU heatsink, proper airflow makes a BIG difference.
  3. Ah, will do. Ordered some Arctic Silver 5 or whatever it's called, the dust in there is a joke, I don't think my sister looked after it too well...I'll give it a go after lectures, cheers guys!
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