This is happening to me about twice an hour.

I'm not really doing anything to stress it out either, just web browsing.
Any ideas?
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  1. This is caused by a buggy video driver try updating the driver or reinstalling the one that came with the graphics card if it is the latest driver that is causing the problem. This problem can also occur if you are using a very slow CPU like a AMD 2700 XP particularly in Vista.
  2. This is a common error with Nvidia and AMD. There is no real fix, it's believed to be windows related.

    all I can suggest is to remove all your nvidia drivers and start fresh. Possibly a Windows reload may help.
  3. If you are overclocking your card, try returning it to stock clocks. An unstable overclock can cause that error.
  4. like said before, it's more related to windows not AMD or nVidia, this issue happened to me a lot of times with both brands, just make sure you're with the latest full drivers
  5. Quote:
    Only when i overclock my GTX 480 past 860 core do i see this happen with my pc.
    If you are overclocking the driver will reset whenever they feel you may damage the card.

    this won't change the fact that it's a Windows bug and it happens even more with stock clocked GPUs
  6. I'm running a 2500k system and everything except the processor is factory clocked.
  7. chumly said:
    I'm running a 2500k system and everything except the processor is factory clocked.

    i know it's annoying, just try to update your video card drivers and the windows updates
    and if i were you, i would switch to Win7
  8. chumly said:
    I'm running a 2500k system and everything except the processor is factory clocked.

    GTX560ti at 900mhz is NOT stock clocked.
  9. Hello,
    for over a year I have been having trouble with the nvlddmkm.sys Bluescreen, that is, the Nvidia graphics driver crashing and freezing the system. Usually this happens to me shortly after entering Windows, within 5-10 mins. Its with a GTX 470 card on a i7 system and a Gigabyte X58 UD5 board. Funny thing is, my system has been returned to the retailer twice, and they are not getting this issue. Furthermore, they have cheked all hardware components, the system is fine, it is clearly some driver conflict.

    My question to you guys is: Is it possible that the bluescreens are caused by me using a DVI-D cable on a DVI-I port? My graphics card is a GTX 470. THe problem has gotten worse for me with the latest driver versions (275.33 and 280.26), but again, the tech support from my retailer is NOT getting this issue on the same system, while I am getting it constantly (several times a day). I suspect the only thing that could be different is that they are using a DVI-I cable and I am not. Unfortunately they are very slow in responding to my inquiries, so instead I am asking here. Is anybody familiar with such a weird issue?

    Please note: I have already ruled out all other facts (graphics card malfunction, mainboard or memory malfunction, PSU etc., also the system has ben reformatted with clean install of drivers and so forth many many times).
  10. hey, I am getting the same issue, except in my case, when I see this message it usually is of little consequence and windows will keep running fine. thing is, most of the time my system will not even show me this message but instead completely freeze and give me a BSOD with the nvlddmkm.sys indicated as causing the crash.... I have been dealing with this for over a year and I dont know whats causing it...

    did you happen to recently upgrade to the 280.26 driver? because my issue has gotten WAY worse since i did it.
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