Sony Vaio Desktop Ethernet Controller Problems

I am having a strange issue with my Sony Vaio VPCJ113FX/B desktop computer. The computer comes with both wireless and LAN connection capabilities, but the LAN connection through ethernet is for some reason not working. When I plug the computer into the router through the ethernet cable, the computer does not recognize that one is plugged in. It just sits there and does nothing. But it will connect to the wireless just fine.

I'm guessing that my problem is that I need a driver for the ethernet controller in the desktop but I have no idea what kind of ethernet controller the computer has. Awhile back the hard drive crashed so I had to install a fresh copy of Windows 7 onto the computer and I'm guessing I lost the ethernet controller driver along the way. I used EVEREST to detect its network hardware, but it says that the ethernet controller is not in the database. Google searches have also left me empty handed. So could someone point me in the right direction to find the driver for the ethernet controller in my desktop?
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  1. I think a visit to Sony's support website is your best hope and if they have no NIC driver for Win7, the NIC may simply be part of the chipset and depend on a Win7 driver for that. If no such exists perhaps Sony can be persuaded to tell you whose chipset it is and you may then be able to find a driver at the chip maker's site.

    Worst comes to worst, add a USB or PCMCIA NIC adapter.
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