Please help !! new system. thanks

first of all, thanks for any advice, and i am not good in english, so sorry for any mistake.

i just build up two system as;

1. i5-2500k, asus p68z-v, asus psu 550w, asus gtx 560 oc, corsair vengeance 1600 4g, 1920*1080 resolution, windows 7 64bit, my question should i get new psu for it? i mean 750w up? asus brand? corsair or xigmatek? can i add another 4g of ram by using kingston hyper x?

2. i7-2600k, asus p68z-v pro, asus 650w psu, asus gtx 550 ti, kingston hyper x 4g 1600, 1920*1080 resolution, windows 7 64bit, also my question should i get asus 560 ti top or gigabyte 560? adding another 4g ram (kingston hyperx) will get any difference? i am kinda think of get 750w or maybe 800w psu, is it wasting?

is it intel processor more to nvidia? and ati more to amd?
so i should stick to nvidia? i like to try radeon 6xxx, but i don't know whether intel processor good using ati card?

sorry for my bad english, thanks
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  1. In both cases when using a single mid range GPU like GTX560 or 560TI 550watt PSU is plenty!
    INTEL CPU´s are equally good with nvidia and AMD (ATI) cards, same for AMD CPU´s with either.
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