Which is best graphic card for my system?

I am Ashwin from India. I like to play games like GTA4, godfather, mafia Need for speed etc high graphics game so for this specs kindly give me best graphic card detail for me.
1TB Harddisk Core2Duo 2.20Ghz processor. Kindly provide me detail asap....My budget 120-150$
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  1. ati 6770 - 115
    best balance of power and price.
    make sure ur psu can is powerful enough. u'll need ~450 watt psu

    use the extra $20 to upgrade ur ram. 2 possibly 4 gb.
  2. which core 2 duo do you have ? whats his name ? and whats ur power supply ? I would recommend you to get nvidia geforce gtx 550 TI its in ur budget and faster than the HD 6770 (which is a renamed HD 5770) but ur ram need to be upgraded or else u'll be bottlenecked and it will hold back ur graphics card ! the GTX 550 TI needs a good branded power supply like corsair or antec ...... and requires a 6 pin connector , but it comes with a 6 pin to two molex convertor for old psu's and make sure u have 24A at least on ur 12V rail , hoped I helped :) happy gaming and good luck
  3. my bad. go with the 550ti, but you'll have to upgrade your system if you have a lower end core2 or if your psu isnt powerful enough
  4. Well My cpu is intel Core2duo 2.2Ghz
    945Mercury motherboard
    450wat local brand psu
    will upgrade to 750watt PSU & 4GB 667Mhz RAM
    i have read abt hd5770 Card is it good option or i look for gtx550ti for better gaming & not get problems like overheating & etc
    wat u think friend tell me abt it......
  5. the 750w PSU might be a bit of overkill? im not so clued up on cpu power usage but I have 8GB RAM, i5-2500K @ 4.2GHz, 2 x GTX 460 SOC in SLI and I use a 750W PSU without problem

    ive never even read a review or looked at specs for the 550 ti until now - looks like an awesome card! another win for nvidia.

    nvidia say it requires a minimum 400w PSU, non reference cards might require more - MSI website suggests 450w
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