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First time building a gaming and movie comp. Need advice on compatibility and best bang for price or better alternatives. So far this is what I have:

So my question is: Is this a good set up? Will it last me a few years before needing to upgrade? Are there better items I can get that is price efficient? For example, I know the 6870 is a better GPU but it's not worth the extra money I don't think.

I think I'm only missing a hard drive and ram.
Not sure what the best ram is and don't want to get ripped off and since the flood I haven't found any hard drives that doesn't break my piggy bank. Hoping I can find something good on BF.
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  1. It Looks To Be A Good Solid Build But Wheres Your HDD?, Your Motherboard Is Overkill (Try The 970 And Avoid SLI Its Overrated At Standard Resolutions) You Could Also Get A World Renowned And Torture Tested PC Power And Cooling Power Supply For Less $$ Thats Just As Good If Not Better, You Can But I Wouldnt Reccomend Using A Stock Cooler And Newegg Would Prolly Be A Better Place To Shop For Some Components......

    That CPU Is Fine And For That Price Id Go With It For Sure
    That Graphics Card Is Great Also Especially For That Price
    The Hard Drive Ill Try And Help You Decide On When You Answer My Question :D
  2. You don't need that much wattage for a single GPU, 500W-600W is more than enough to power this rig. Something to the effect of these would be plenty:

    SeaSonic S12II 520 $64.99 -

    SeaSonic M12II 520 $86.99 (same as above but modular connectors) -

    COOLER MASTER eXtreme Power RS600-PCARE3-US $60.99 -

    CORSAIR Builder Series CX600 V2 $69.99 -

    Antec High Current Gamer Series HCG-520 $74.99 -

    Personally I'd say for the price go for the Seasonic S12II 520 but I gave you some other options anyway. I have a 600W modular version and it's fantastic. SeaSonic is the best name in PSUs imo.

    The 6850 is a good card at the sub $150 pricepoint as you linked. However, Newegg has some 6870s with rebates (if you are willing to consider them) that end up being the same price or lower than the 6850s.

    PowerColor AX6870 1GBD5-2DH $139.99 after rebate -

    XFX HD-687A-ZHFC 6870 $149.99 after rebate -

    some rebated 6850s for comparison

    XFX HD-685X-ZCFC Radeon HD 6850 $129.99 after rebate -

    SAPPHIRE 100315L Radeon HD 6850 $129.99 after rebate -

    PowerColor AX6850 1GBD5-DH $129.99 after rebate -

    I would take one of the 6870s that is only $10-20 more after rebate.

    I'm also going to give Hella-D a +1 to the Asrock mobo suggestion. With these changes you should be set.

    EDIT: To address the hard drive situation...Right now is a terrible time to buy a mechanical/magnetic drive. Might want to consider an SSD (crucial M4, intel, samsung or kingston ssd v100, v+100 or v200 series) or use a old HD you already have and then upgrade to something like a spinpoint F3 once prices come back down. I say go SSD (crucial M4 specifically) for a boot drive and use something you already have kicking around for a storage drive if that is an option. Storage drive's don't have to be fast.
  3. reason i shop on amazon cuz the tax kinda kills any deal newegg have. the GPU i linked from amazon for example is same price as the newegg. they both have an after rebate price of 129.99 but amazon is tax free ^^ and since i have amazon prime it will arrive in 2 days :P
    You're right I'll downgrade my mobo.
    And those 520w psu sounds kinda low cuz I want to know I'm safe if I ever want to upgrade my parts. i think i'll go for at least 600 just to be safe.

    As for HDD I'm hoping prices will drop to something more reasonable on BF. If not i'll just use my old HD :/

    I'll get the 6870 if you think the difference between that and 6850 is greater than $10-20.

    Is there any tips on ram shopping? or do i just get the cheapest (2 x 4gb)?

    And thanks for the replies + help you guys are awesome
  4. Thank You, My Current Board Is A 970 Also By MSI (I Also Think Its Quite Funny That The Last Board Is Has Was A 790) If Theyd Have Had That Board I Suggested When I Ordered Mine I Would have Gotten It Myself
  5. For ram just get anything from the major manufacturers that runs 1.5V or 1.35V and is at least 1333MHz (1600-1866 recommended if you want to OC) and you should be fine. Kingston hyperx, GSKill ripjaws/sniper, mushkin enhanced, corsair vengeance/dominator/XMS, crucial ballistix etc. Whichever you can find the best deal on.

    On AMD platforms latency does matter so try to get something in the range of CL7 or CL8 if it's priced competitively. If you are going 1600-1866 for OC you can get something with CL9 or above as those timings you can tighten up at lower speeds.

    That sucks about Newegg Tax for you and it breaking their sweet deals. But I would indeed recommend getting the 6870 over the 6850 if it's only a small price difference of $10-$20.

    If you want 600W look for some of these on amazon and take the best deal.

    CORSAIR Builder Series CX600 V2

    CORSAIR Gaming Series GS600

    Antec High Current Gamer Series HCG-620

    SeaSonic S12II 620

    SeaSonic M12II 620
  6. Double-Post Please Delete This
  7. dominyon said:
    On AMD platforms latency does matter so try to get something in the range of CL7....

    Finnaly Sombody That Knows What Ive Been Saying For The Longest Time! However The Faster The Clock Speed The Less Latency Sensative It Is To A Point....
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