New motherboard Need Help

I am looking forward to someone giving me advice with this new motherboard I want to buy

I had no reason to upgrade my motherboard, I have a dell Inspiron 518 in Which I have a corsair 430 watt power supply

2 days ago I bought a EVGA GTX 650 1Gb video card, was exited when the item came in but I was let down by my motherboard

I removed my old radeon HD 2400 video card and I uninstalled the drivers, Turned of PC and Plugged in the 650 with the 6 pin adapter.

Video card booted fine into bios up to the point where the windows loading screen was about to come on the signal displayed no output and the motherboard beeped and restarted.

I tought maybe a clean windows 7 install will fix this as Ubuntu works fine with the card

Clean windows 7 install= Same issue
I had to connect my VGA cable to my onboard graphics card to install a fresh windows as when I tried to install with the card on windows installer would restart once windows tried to start to install windows

Same problem came with windows vista

Same problem came with windows xp

So my last resort was that my motherboard was the issue after I called support and the guy told me basically I had done everything to troubleshoot the issue and the problem was with my dell motherboard

Now I went motherboard shopping and I need a LGA 775 socket motherboard and I just hate the low availability for these socket motherboard

Newegg has very few and poor options
Tiger direct as well
PC Geeks only has 7 options of which 5 options are defualt green intel motherboards

After long search I saw ebay had a bit more availability of motherboards

motherboard cost 70 dollars which I am OK with but my friend just did a new AMD build socket AM3 and his motherboard a Gigabyte motherboard cost him 50 dollars and he has double the features and Fancy GUI BIOS

Anyways I just want to make sure that if I buy this motherboard I wont have any similar Issues with it

If anyone can point me to a different retailer with more options please do tell me

I need the board to be compatible with DDR2 ram that's why my search gets just more narrow

thanks for any of your help and thanks also If you have read up to here

Its a very long story I typed here :D
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  1. What brand and model number is your power supply?
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    Here's one more used board: But it may not fit your dell case.

    Not many choices for 775 as you said. It may be time for you to consider upgrading to socket 1155, even with the G series if that's all you can afford. This will require a change to ddr3 ram. I recommend you sell your dell system intact and pick up a system when they go on sale in January. Dell has some at the end of the quarter in January; same for HP. I wouldn't put any more money into your current dell system. Hold on to the video card until you sell the old dell, and watch for sales in the next 21 days or so.
  3. Thanks I will Upgrade my PC parts As soon as I buy a new motherboard I will buy a case and well It wont be a dell anymore

    I...Bricked my Dell Motherboard so Its useless now :pfff:

    But got

    Power supply and video card

    Now its time to save up for a 1155 mobo and a processor their a bit expensive but it will be worth it.

    Im going to use the dells dvd drive and My 2 hard drives for my build I will make eventually :ange:

    Thanks anyway and Ill think about maybe just upgrading.
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