Pick me out the best motherboard! (please)

I am replacing my motherboard and just wanted to get an idea of which would be best to replace it with. Kepp it $300 or less I mostly game and listen to music aside from obvious web surfing. My build is as follows

Case: Haf x
GPU: 2x 7970ghz edition vapor x (3 slots each)
Sound card: xonar stx
PSU: corsair hx 850
RAM: corsair vengenace 8x2 16gb
CPU: 3570k (lga 1155)
CPU cooler: h100
hdd: 3tb seagate barracuda
SSD: 256gb samsung 840

2 that i had in mind were
the extreme 9
and maximus formula v
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  1. I personally would go with the Asus.
  2. You don't need to spend so much on one motherboard. I recommend one of these: (free ram with purchase)

    With your sound card, pick one of those boards with the ports you need. I never recommend spending too much on one board; I'd rather get a spare board (two of the same for quick recovery; any board can go bad). I worked in an IBM printed wire board factory for 9 years; there isn't that much difference in quality between a $300 board and one that goes for $150.
  3. How do they get away with charging so much for $300 boards then? What do they have that the 150 dollar ones do not?
  4. This is actually the highest I personally would spend on a board Asus P8Z77-V PRO
  5. They may have more ports, a different power phase (for overclocking), and one has better onboard sound, but you have a separate sound card, so that's not an advantage. If you're well off, then you can get one of your first choice boards; nothing wrong with either one.
  6. Hmmmm alright. Are there any remotely significant advantages that one of the two i am leaning towards have over the other?
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    On the Asrock you can run two GPU's at X16 speed versus X8 on the Asus plus you can have 4 GPU's at X8. Not that there is going to be a noticeable performance difference between running X16 or X8 with multi GPU setups.
  8. Alright thanks everyone.
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