What games do you use macro keys?

I will buy a keyboard soon and I am thinking of getting the Logitech g110 or any comparable keyboard. This will be my first time using a gaming keyboard with additional keys on the side, I think they are called macro keys, since I have been only using cheap keyboard from the start.

The games I play are mostly fps games. I don't know what will be the use of the macro keys on games like Battlefield 3.
Do you use your pinky finger to click the macro keys or do you move your whole hand?
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  1. Pinky is usually the best option - if you have large hands then you might be able to use the ring finger too but you might still need it to strafe in game.

    Usually people make the most use of them on MMO's or something similar - you can use them for fps but you just have to be creative with them.
  2. yeah, macro are generally relegated to MMOs, I'd look into getting the corsair K60 keyboard
  3. With Fps's I tend to use macro keys for things such as buying items etc etc, CS;S/1.6 buying a set of equipment dependant of funds works very well.

    Other games I use them just to reduce effort BF3 select bringing up different menus etc
  4. I have a logitech G15 and use it with Flight Simulators and Role Playing Games.
    Money well spent for me.

    Regards MarkL
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