MATX Motherboards w/ 2400MHz RAM?

Building a PC, need a mATX Motherboard that can Support 2400MHz RAM (No OC) Could you guys help me pick one out that isn't too expensive? Max 32GB RAM, and 2-way SLI Capable if you can. No Foxconn or Biostar please. :non:
Thanks for the help.
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  1. You won't find any boards that support 2400 without overclocking the cpu.
  2. So if I do overclock (which im planning on doing anyway) and i put in the 2400 will i be fine with any motherboard?
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    Most boards I've seen max out at 1866 or 2000 for the ram speed when overclocking, but it's not guaranteed. Depends on your skill level with bios settings and luck of the draw for the cpu. Some overclock well; others don't. Be sure to use a well branded power supply such as antec, corsair, ocz, seasonic, enermax, or xfx. The wattage depends on your total system load, especially the video cards.
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