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I have a strange problem. My old PC with Win98 started having problems of occasional no POST at startup. It became so frequent that eventually I couldn't get it boot up and had to borrow my cousin's spare computer. It had worked perfectly with him.

To that computer i added from my old computer a HDD (which I didn't format), keyboard, mouse and, I'm not sure but maybe a stick of RAM. Soon, I started to experience POST failures on my "new" computer. At some occasions (not often) it would even try to launch Win98 from my old HDD. Then I would go to BIOS and found that the order of HDDs was changed.

The funny thing is that, no matter what component I disconnect (of course that components from my old computer were the first suspects), I always have those POST failures.

At first I thought it was a hardware problem, but after a week of intense troubleshooting I thought that the only logical explanation is that on my old HDD was a virus or something that caused POST failures on my old computer and now when I put that HDD in another "healthy" computer, it started to show very similar symptoms.

Does it make sense, or can it be just a coincidence that so similar problems on my old and "new" PCs are totally unrelated.

Somebody please help me identify and deal with the culprit because right now I cannot afford a new PC.
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  1. Maybe if you put in an extra ram stick it could create problems.
  2. There is one particularly suspicious RAM stick. When I put it in any slot it's almost guaranteed that there will be no POST. But POST failures happen more or less often with any other of the 3 sticks.
    A couple of other maybe interesting clues:
    When these problems escalated I had memory and HDD tested ok and they replaced Mobo battery too (because I had reported problem of system time resetting to 01/01/2002). But even with the new battery, my system time three times in these couple of days was reset to 01/01/2002.
    When it stubbornly refuses to POST, I noticed it helps if I first push the CPU fan until Mobo flexes a little. That push is relatively hard, but it's not much harder then a push required to insert a RAM stick in a lot. For example, I would turn it on and off 15 times without POST and then I would flex the Mobo and I got POST after only second attempt.

    An IT told me that those symptoms indicate cold solder joint on the Mobo.
  3. Yes it is indicating board problem.
  4. Today my system looks pretty stable if I just surf the internet. But when I tried capturing video from my Camcorder the system crashed. After several no POST startups I pressed the Mobo on the CPU fan and tried video capturing again and again the system crashed. When I managed to boot it up again, I quit video capturing and just surfed Internet on and off for a couple of hours. The system is stable at the moment.
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