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Can i Crossfire Xfx 6870 with His 6870

Hi Mates
As the thread Topic Says it All
I have Xfx 6870 and i want to buy another for crossfire
But this time my priority is His 6870 i want to try his.. all my life i have used xfx cards so wanted to change the brand
So Can Phook another His 6870 in Crossfire with xfx 6870

System Configurations Are
Chasis Cooler Master Storm snyper
INTEL CORE i5 2500K 3.30Ghz (6MB CACHE)
Asus P8Z68 DELUXE mobo
SEAGATE 1000GB 3.5" HDD 32MB Cache
Corsair Dominator ddr3 1600 6gb
CORSAIR 800 WATTS (CMPSU-800GS) power supply
Corsair Sp2500 Speker.. ( this is the thing i love the Most)

Well i request you to help me on this
i am also able to get this Card

what do you say this Gtx 580 matrix or 2 6870 in Sli.. who is more powerfull. i want to get atleast 60 to 70 fps on maximum settings on 1920x1080 resolution?

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  1. Yes, you can match another brand. But if they have different clocks, it will default to the lower one.

    When 6870 Crossfire scales perfectly, it will be equal or actually a bit faster than a GTX 580. But to avoid dual-gpu headaches, I'd take a GTX 580 over it personally. But only if for the same price. Since you already have one 6870 it makes sense to grab another, and it should outpace a GTX 580 at times.

    This website actually has a comparison for you in the 2011 Charts. Although there's only a few games, the 6870 Crossfire wins most of them.
  2. Coz I have heard physx adds Much More life to gaming + 580 is 384bit card.. although i am a Big Fan of Amd/Ati but why not give try to sumthing new..
    i can sell my current 6870 and collect some more bucks for that... not a big deal
    but Want to have a detailed comparison between 6870xfire and 580sli. i dont want to regret my purchase
  3. Go to the 2011 Charts.,123.html

    Open any benchmark, then check the boxes next to "Nvidia GTX 580" and "AMD HD 6870 Crossfire" (be careful, use these exact two or else there are some OC brands that will skew results). Then click "Compare" at the top.

    Besides direct comparisons, you can google "Radeon 6870 Crossfire review". Most of them have a GTX 480. On average, the GTX 580 is 15% faster than the 480. So do some math... if the 6870 Crossfire is more than 15% faster than the 480 than it is probably a bit faster than the 580.

    To do the proper math, let's run an example.

    Say GTX 480 = 66 FPS and 6870 Crossfire = 88 FPS (made up). Use Calculator and do 88 divided by 66. That gets you 1.33 which means it's 33% faster than the 480 which means it's faster than the 580 too. If you have GTX 480 = 66 FPS and 6870 Crossfire = 76 FPS then, doing the math, you get that the 6870x2 is 15% faster than the 480 and that means it is equal to the 580.

    Make sense? It's a good way to gauge 580 performance without a direct comparison.
  4. well then i should get another xfx 6870 for the best results
  5. rate my system aswell
  6. wait, don't be in a hurry...
    i wouldn't crossfire HD 6870s because they are garbage GPUs because of microstuttering explained recently by Tomshardware,2995-10.html
    and i wouldn't get a GTX 580 either while a GTX 560ti, or GTX 570 can do the job at least this year until the AMD HD 7k series come out where the new XDR2 technology wich is said to be twice faster than GDDR5 besides 1 GHz GPU frequency and 28nm process.......
    a high end model HD 7950 can perform close to HD 6990
  7. basim_soomro said:
    rate my system aswell

    oh i'm so glad that you mentioned that....
    your CPU will bottleneck a single GTX 560ti/570/ HD6950/70 or any of those GPUs in crossfire, you need at least a core 2 quad CPU rated at a higher frequency in order to handle the massive data connection between the CPUu and GPU..
    i still wonder how aren't you bottlenecked with the HD 6870 with the Core2Due CPU ??
    what resolution are you gaming at, what FPS do you get ?

    EDIT: do you run HD 6770 or HD 6870 ? because your PSU wouldn't handle any of HD 6870s CF ? and you should be in a lag of performance with HD 6870 if you're running it on that Dell PSU
  8. He has an i5 2500k. He's not bottlenecked at all.
  9. sorry, i didn't see the original post i just looked at the member's configuration and i found a dell optiplex 755.................
    Big Sorry for that........................
  10. i have Core i5 thats with 6870.
    i am not crazy that i install 6870 on core 2 duo.. it would be waste of money and waste of knowledge, waste of technology.

    just recommend me something between 6870 and 580sli
    i am getting like 61 to 63 avg fps on crysis 2 on dx 10, i mainly focus on getting another card just to keep the pace with oncoming 2012 games
  11. @ilysaml
    that was my old config i sold out that.. sorry from me too.. i should update my configs
  12. 580s SLI ? you wanna pay 1k bucks on GPUS that might become legend ? if you wanna beat all the upcoming 2012 games just wait for the AMD HD 7k series as i stated above about the new technology of XDR2 rambus memory and the new 28nm process....
    as i told you don't crossfire the HD 6870s they have awful reviews about significant drop in FPS and Microstuttering explained recently by Toms
    a GTX 570 will do the job perfectly and you can overclock it later if you wanted a slight increase in FPS with the upcoming games...
    the fact is any games is still playable even at 30 FPS and 1080P.... NO Need For Upgrading unless you want twice or 3x the performance....
  13. well a intelligent decision would be to wait for the new ato and nvidia series to come
    Got some info on ati's 7k series releases?
  14. you didn't read my post ?
    anyway i said the new XDR2 rambus technology is said to be twice faster than GDDR5 memory besides the 1 GHz GPU frequency and the 28nm process which means less power & less heat, the high end models such as HD 7950, HD 7970 is said to be performing better than HD 6990
  15. Thanks to all problem Solved.. Time to select the best Answer ... LOL
  16. but still u didnt rate my system
  17. Best answer
    basim_soomro said:
    but still u didnt rate my system

    Who cares? Just pick a best answer and be done.
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