Which is the player to play pc games

hi diz is sai krishna............. i love to play games.......... can u suggest me which player is best to play the games........ i mean to ask my system ram = 512kb............ it is not supporting the games i install........ can u tell me wat sort of games i can play with this ram......plz
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  1. You would struggle to play mine sweeper with 512kb ram.

    Please do not exaggerated your punctuation.

  2. Hi!

    This is Signor, it would help greatley if you were to tell us what type of games you like to play.

    In the past when I had a low spec PC I played Runescape; I am unsure what it is like now but I put a lot of hours into it and really enjoyed myself.

  3. 512kb of ram isn't even enough to run windows, do you mean 512mb of ram?
  4. Um, just how old is your system? lol
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