Seeking Advice on Graphics Cards

I am not a gamer. I don't overclock either.

I am going to be building a machine for home use. Yes, I would need some good graphics to watch HD movies.


What is more advisable - a motherboard with integrated graphics (eg. H67 chipset with HDMI/DVI ports) or a simple motherboard alongwith a graphic card?
What Motherboard, CPU and graphic is recommended for my use? Let this be a budget machine.
How much additional power does a graphic card need?

Thanks in advance!!!
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  1. To watch HD movie, a sandy bridge i3 build or one of the AMD APU build will work. I suggest you look into the system section for ideas on your build:

    After you have a plan for a build, ask in the system forum for opinion before purchase.

    If you are using it to watch HD movies, I recommend using the intergrated graphics on intel cpu or have a AMD APU build without GPU because you don't need it so don't waste money and electricity. If you decide to play some games, then you can always put one in afterward.
  2. Thanks Pyree... I would look into System section.
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