How to tell if I have defective mobo? (MSI Z77A-G45)

Hi guys,

After less than a year, my motherboard died on me (MSI P67A-G43) and since it ironically died on my birthday, I went out to get a new one as I had an impending work deadline and couldn't afford to wait for a replacement... Anyways after installing the new board, everything's been peachy for about 5 days til this moment where I just got a BSoD. I'm really worried since this was the first telltale signs of my first mobo going bad and was wondering what I could do to test if this new board is a lemon or not. After my computer booted up, some of the USB ports did not respond and I had to shut down and boot up again to get them to work...

This is my first build so I know my parts but I wouldn't know if I had, say, a driver issue or something. I'm pretty sure I installed all the newest mobo drivers (amongst my other hardware drivers), but I didn't bother with updating the BIOS since I'm afraid of messing it up. Could the BSoD just be a fluke or could it mean something more than that?
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  1. List all your specs so we may better help you.
    Most BSOD's are caused by faulty ram.
    USB power failure PSU or motherboard issue.
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