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How good is this deal: ibuypower Z68 sale ?


I'm looking to replace my quite outdated current system. I'm interested primarily in gaming and, in addition to the fact that my current rig already can't run a lot of games out today (i.e. I'm on a single-core), I want to future proof as much as is possible on a ~$1,000 budget.

I had been considering building my own system, but am motivated more by saving money and bang-per-buck than any of the intrinsic benefits of building my own system. As such, when I stumbled upon this deal from ibuypower last night I thought it looked like an amazing deal, as the specs are almost exactly what I wanted and it falls nicely within my budget.


Summary of relevant specs:
Case: 1 x Xion Echo Gaming Case-Blue
Processor :1 x Intel® Core™ i5-2500K Processor (4x 3.30GHz/6MB L3 Cache)
Processor Cooling: 1 x Liquid CPU Cooling System [SOCKET-1155]-[Free Upgrade] Standard 120mm Fan
Memory: 1 x 8 GB [4 GB X2] DDR3-1600 Memory Module-Corsair or Major Brand
Video Card: 1 x NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 - 2GB-Single Card
Video Card Brand: 1 x Major Brand Powered by AMD or NVIDIA
Motherboard: 1 x ASUS P8Z68-V LX -- Lucid Virtu Technology
Power Supply 1 x 700 Watt -- Standard
Primary Hard Drive: 1 x 1 TB HARD DRIVE -- 32M Cache, 7200 RPM, 6.0Gb/s-Single Drive
Optical Drive 1 x 24X Dual Format/Double Layer DVD±R/±RW + CD-R/RW Drive-Black

It also comes with a copy of Windows 7 Home Premium.

Is this as good a deal as I think it is? Or should I stick with building my own (again, I am motivated primarily by cost, so I would only want to build my own if I could get the same or better for the same price)? Has anyone seen any better deals on a pre-built?

Also, for what it's worth, I'm open to suggestions for slight changes in hardware, though I wouldn't want any change to make the cost more than $1,100.

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    By default it's never as good as you think it is :P Buying the parts from newegg and building it yourself will save you a few hundred dollars or you can buy better parts for the same price.

    Look at tom's 1000 dollar build for guidance.
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