What should I upgrade?

My current Rig is:
Motherboard:Biostar TA785GE 128M
Processer: AMD Athlon II x3 425 2.7GHZ (unlocked 4th core)
Memory :4GB
GPU: Radeon HD 5770

I use this to play games and work on. So far I am able to play any game that is released but figure that won't last forever. I built this PC about 2 years ago and plan on upgrading one part at a time and plan to spend about $100 to 200 on it. what do you think I should upgrade. Thanks for the answers ahead of time:)
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  1. i think you should upgrade you gpu first and then cpu and memory if you want
  2. Agree with assassin, buy a new gfx card. 4GB RAM is more than enough for current systems. You can go with this gfx card for a tad bit more than $200:
    Radeon HD 6950:

    Or if you cant go over $200, the HD 6870 works just as well:

    With the extra money, you can buy another 4 GB of RAM and upgrade to 4GB, or save for another CPU
  3. What's your PSU (make & model)?

    I think you should look for a deal on a 6950 1GB. I've seen them for like $175 after rebate.
  4. Thank you for the quick replies I will check the PSU when I get home did not even think to list it.
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