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Psu making a whining noise

I am wondering why my psu is making whining noise? I have an older ocz 1000w (in sig) and i thought there was a lot of life left.. all my specs are in my signature below. I have used the psu tester to see how many watts my system will use and its only 621 watts.
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  1. Are you hearing a whining noise from the fan or something else? In some cases you may hear a high pitch whisting noise because of high frequency vibrations. Old tube tv's had this problem from time to time from the high voltage flyback transformer. It usually doesn't mean you will have a failure but it is annoying.
  2. It could be a coil whine or capacitator whine, either way its not bad, only annoying.
  3. Is there a way to fix that? Its really annoying haha or maybe a new psu? Any good cheaper ones?
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    I have the same issue.
    My system is i7 920, GIGABYTE EX58-UD3R, Nvidia GIGABYTE 560Ti
    PSU is new Thermaltake 675W 80 Bronze

    After some tests and playing with components I think the trouble maker is the motherboard. Because PSU is not whistling with other systems.

    There are many options that I've found:
    1. Update your motherboard bios
    2. Disable in bios C1E (CPU Advanced) function
    3. Disable in bios all power energy saving options
  5. Updating the bios helped me.
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