16 gig vs 32 gig ram for lga 1155


I am building a system that I want to use for moderately high end gaming as well as multitasking.

I am going to be using a GIGABYTE GA-Z77X-UP5 TH LGA 1155 Intel Z77 mobo,
and an I7-3770-k cpu
(I want the Gigabyte for quality, Thunderbolt, and the likelyhood that this pc is likely to be dual boot to OSX Lion.. Can apple handle 32 gig?

It says it can take 32 gigs 1600 ram. OK No problem. The difference in price from 16 to 32 is small enough that it is not an issue to me. My question is that I have seen many threads saying that I should stay away from 32 gig in a non server board, and that at 32 gigs it should be ECC ram or there will be system stability issues. Others say the memory controllor in the gen 3 I7 chips will handle it well.

I would lean towards the 32 gig myself. I am not overclocking this. I am Buying the K chip since I am likely to sell it to a friend who does overclock

I have a corsair 860Xi with the corsair link, and also the H100i with teh link. Any benefit to the Corsair dominator with the link. Is the link any good I have heard mixed reviews.

Thanks for yourtime
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  1. Gaming 8GB is plenty and it not really until that you start rendering/editing large files (like HD video) that you benefit from going higher.
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