BIOS UPDATE ISSUE Gigabyte GA-M68MT-S2 FB (rev 3.1)

Motherboard Name: Gigabyte GA-M68MT-S2 (rev 3.1)
Version: FB
Trying to update to: FC
Operating system: Windows 7 x64-bit

So I'm trying to update my motherboard BIOS from version FB to FC but it keeps giving me this error:

Apparently my x64 version of Windows 7 means I cannot update my BIOs. I have contacted the company but they have not replied. I am downloading the update from their website here:

They have no tab for specifically downloading a x64-bit version of the BIOs update.

If you have any as to how to solve this then thankyou!
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  1. That BIOS updater is meant to be run under DOS. Try the @BIOS utility that Gigabyte provides to do the update from within Windows. (choose the non-X79 link obviously)
  2. Thank you so very much good sir!

    You have ended months of hard work, frustration, confusion and sleep deprivation. This solved the problem. :bounce:
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