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HIGH END CPU COOLER for H61 MH motherboard with i5 sandybridge

Hi All,

Im just new here, and i been searching all over the internet about cooling systems, its my first time to buy a aftermarket cpu coolers, because i usually do long rendering with 3D graphics and Videos.

I got a Biostar H61 MH micro ATX motherboard with i5 Sandybridge CPU and 2 x 4gb 1600 DDR3 ADATA RAM, and My Case is the CM Storm Scout.

My Questions is , Im looking for Air coolers that would look cool with the case and at the same time high performance, i really want the CM V8, i know i cant get it because the orientation would be weird because of my mobo plus i dont know if it would fit as well without touching the RAM.

Criteria is : Cool Design
Less than 70 usd

Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.
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    You don't need to spend a large amount of money on a good cooler.

    The best price vs. performance is probably the Hyper 212+ or Hyper EVO.

    Price point is around $30-40 I seem to remember.

    If you want something "cool" looking, just pick something that appeals to your own personal tastes. All after-market coolers should perform better than stock anyway.

    Be aware though, with the side of the case on, your only actually going to see the flat top side of the cooler anyway, so the design shouldn't play too much part in your decision. Cooling should be priority #1.
  2. Thanks Adrian, just want to know with my mobo do you think the 212 would fit? and with my mobo design the RAM is on top
  3. r00my said:
    Thanks Adrian, just want to know with my mobo do you think the 212 would fit? and with my mobo design the RAM is on top

    The RAM is on top, but the CPU is also rotated accordingly.

    The biggest problem I think you'll have wont be with the motherboard, but will be with the cooler hitting the top(roof) of the case.

    I personally use an Arctic Freezer 13 CPU cooler (non-pro-version). It's much smaller than the 212, has nice aesthetic appearance (in my opinion of course) and cools like a little gem! It's plenty powerful enough to keep my i5-2500k cool at 4.6GHz and its quiet too.
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