My pc was fine, and now it wont turn recognise monitor or turn on.

i decided to clear out my computer, backing up video photo and music onto a hard drive, that was fine. i managed to free about 300gb from the main drive. I then decided to defrag the computer. a little while into the defrag it decided to restart. i assumed the defrag was complete quicker than i expected, i then tried to modify startup programs but before i got into the startup tab the computer turns off and now when i turn it on again it doesnt activate the monitor, also the hdd lights dont flash and there is no beep at the beginnning like usual.

what is wrong with my computer.
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  1. Try re-inserting the Battery on the motherboard, if you have a graphics card, take it out a try booting with the on-board VGA.

    If your monitor turns on, boot into safe mode (F8 on post).

    do NOT "start windows normally.
  2. You can check the connections and make sure that every thing is fine which can make your system working.
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