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So I was "helping" my friend build his computer today. When we press the power button on the motherboard, it seems to work but the power button on the chassis won't. Presumably this is because the front panel connectors aren't in properly. My motherboard's instruction manual had a diagram showing exactly where to put the Power, LED, and Reset wires but his doesn't seem to. It's a P67A MSi motherboard of some sort, hopefully someone can give a diagram for it? Sorry if it's a bit of a stupid question. I can find out the exact motherboard if you need to know. Thanks.
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  1. Hi, You can download the manual from MSI. It will give you the diagram (I've just checked for ) - download the manual, not the guide.
  2. Ah thanks a lot, that's what I was looking for. I was about to send this to him but apparently he just found the manual with that in it anyway. Thanks again.
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