Can I mix these two DDR2s?

I have been searching the forums & google for ram mixing, and I have found different ansers on different pages.
That is why I am asking my question here.

On my motherboard (Asus M3N-HT DELUXE) I have 2x2GB OCZ DDR2 1.8V RAM sticks (Part nr: OCZ2F10662G). I would like to expand my ram from 4GB to the maximal supported size; 8GB.

Since the OCZ are no longer available in my country, I found these instead:

Will those to RAM types work together? Will I experience any trouble?

(I have built my computer myself, and I am somewhat used to overclocking)

When I researched a bit, I found out that I also have this problem:

Anyways, thanks in advance for any advices :D
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  1. They'll run at 800 Mhz at the Transcend modules latencies.
  2. hello... your current ram maybe running at 1066... look in your BIO's... you may have to change that back to 800... and up your ram voltage to 2.0 volts for extra sticks... I would make sure to have heatsinks on any new one's... EBAY would be your cheapest option here.
  3. Okay, big thanks to both of you for your fast ansers, really appreciated! At first I was afraid that those two sticks would not work together.

    So now thanks to you guys, Im pretty sure Im buying them.

    IronSounds, would this kind of cooler be good enough?

    Or is there any better kind?

    And this is a screen shot of CPUz, I dont know if it is helping anything. I will check my BIOS later today.

  4. hello... your welcome... I said "heatsinks"the metal covers on the ram modules/sticks... not a cooler/fan assembly...

    yes your screen shot shows your ram running at 800 and 5-5-5 timings at 1.8 volts... so DDR2 800 or PC6400 is what you need.
  5. yes those are things...most DDR2 800 should already have them... the best prices you going to encounter will be on Ebay... stores will rip you off on these things!!!
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