HD 6570 Low Profile Questions

I was just wondering if I could use the MSI version of the 6570 on my slimline hp PC
(Link Down Below on specs)


Althought the 6570 requires 400W i read and got some other feedback that a 220w would work based on my specs. They dont consume too much power and my procesor is only a Dual Core

So heres what I would like to know:

1) Will the PSU Run it
2) Will the card fit
3) If the card does not fit or run by the PSU, please show some good alternatives.
4) If the MSI version cannot run, are there any other versions of the card that will run?

(Please note that the card is running on Low Profile)

Link to the Card itself: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814127585

P.S. Sorry for so many questions :( but im just starting out on this whole building PCs thing, we have all been there and done that ;)
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  1. 1 Yes expect max load normal use to be less than 200watts
    2 Yes it should being a low profile
    3 NA
    4 NA
  2. itll be close, and i cant say i would trust whatever psu is in a budget HP pc

    a core i7 920 with that videocard uses 240 watts under load and theres a good chance that psu doesnt even do 220 watts, let alone a (and this is really important) SUSTAINED 220 watts.

    however, if i was in your shoes, i would probably chance it.
  3. Thanks for replying. Although, I do need more feedback, I do not want to take any chances or risks
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