Final first build, 1.2k, need mobo advice!

So I've been fiddling with this build for weeks, and im about to order it. I could sure use a few extra opinions however, especially on the motherboard level, since i know next to nothing about those.

Ordering from: exclusively

Purchase: ASAP

Computer purpose: Gaming,Photoshop/ Photo Editing, trying my hand at 3d modelling. Have a backup laptop for websurfing so multitasking isnt a big issue for ram.

Components: (Will only link a few relevant ones, most of them i dont really think needs reviewing over.)

Core: i5 2500k

RAM: Corsair Vengeance 8gb 54$

OS: Windows 7 Home Premium 98$

GPU: Evga GTX 570 (Considering an upgrade to much more power would paying that 100$ difference bring to the table?)

Case:Zalman Z9+ (Considered Antec 100 but Zalman seemed better for sound insulation. Might get a little bit crowded with the larger than average GPU but from reviews ive read should fit okay)

Cooling: Corsair Hyper 212 (everyone's fan favorite it seems)

DVD player: Anything around 20$, ill pick it when i order, really not all that important.

PSU:Coolermaster GX 650 watt. Came recommended by a friend.

HDD and SSD: OCZ Agility 3 120GB for windows and main games/programs, a 500gb seagate barracuda 7200 rpm for storage (until HDD prices fall and i get a bigger capacity)

Motherboard: This is where i get confused. I'm considering this one,
which is fairly inexpensive, but im wondering if everything i need for this build will work for this card. (And future upgrades, like a 2nd HDD down the line. Don't think ill ever crossfire/SLI (which is also why im considering the gtx 580). I will overclock the CPU however.)

But this one seems the same except for the PCI slots, which i know nothing about. Worth the extra 30 bucks?

Or i considered going with the z68 chipset of this ASRock mobo. But i head it had some trouble detecting ssd drives at first, requiring more steps to set it up as the main drive.

Anywayz, i'm really appreciative of any help or advice i can get, as this will be my first personnal build! Thanks again to anyone taking the time to reply!
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  1. *bump to put this ahead of my older post that got me to this finalized build*
  2. I'd recommend this asrock board:

    I'd stay with the 570 as it seems to be a better value, but if you plan on getting another one in the future you'll need a bigger psu in the range of 850-900w
  3. A month ago I would have suggested a P8P67 pro w/ twin 560 Ti's ...900Mhjx versions as they same price as reference 810 Mhz version....they'd get ya 40% ,more fps than a single 580 for less money. But the new 560+-488 is coming out on Nov 29 and ir's basically a hybrid 560/570 reportedly at the 560's price. An 850 watter will handle two 560's or two 570's.

    The coolermaster is not the PSU I'd get ...check it on

    The XFX Core Edition is what I'd use 650 watter for the 580 or 850 watter for twin 560's / 570's

    Those cases are awful small foir the heat load of the planned build..... the smallest I'll use is the Antec 300 but in twin card configurations, I'd like to see a Antec 902 V3
  4. I really doubt i'll go with SLI or Crossfired cards anytime soon. I've read the pros and cons, and i feel i'm more comfortable with a single, stronger card (Unless someone can give me good reasons why i'd *really* want two graph cards.). At best a few years down the road when my rig becomes slow, i might consider crossfiring a second 570/(580 if i decide to upgrade it, but i think ill stick with the 570) so a crossfire compatible mobo would be my best choice, OR a mobo around 120$ that does the job now that i could simply replace in the future (2-3 years) as well.

    So basically i'm torn between a cheaper mobo that'll handle the current build, or a not -much-pricier model that'll handle future upgrades.

    How bad would the zalman case be, heatwise, considering it has decent in-tower fans and i'll be adding an extra hyper 212?
  5. I'd stick with a cheaper mobo and in a couple years just upgrade the GPU and you'll be set.
  6. Would that first mobo i mentionned

    support all the hardware im planning to acquire , or would you definitly recommend the ASRock mobo you suggested earlier? Or would it at least improve performance in some way?
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