PSU required for new gaming rig

Hi, i am currently building my new gaming rig (coming back to the desktops after many years using laptops) and i need help in choosing the PSU.
Here is the system as i have picked so far:

MoBo: Asus P8P67-M Pro
CPU: Core i5 2500K + Antec H2O 620
RAM: Corsair Vengeance 8Gb 1600Mhz
GPU: GTX560 Ti Twin Frozr (maybe the 448, it seem to be worth the extra cost)
HDD: 60gb SSD + 1/2 1TB HDD (most likely Seagate Barracuda 7,200)
ODD: generic DVD-RW
Case: Fractal ARC Mini Tower (i prefer the TT Armor a30, but the cooling seems much better on the ARC, and i would have to keep the Antec 120mm fan on the outside)

As i intend to have this machine running for at least 3years, I want to OC both the CPU (according to many reviews 4,5ghz appears stable overall, sometimes 4,6ghz, but i am new to OC'ing, so i won't fiddle too much) and the GPU (i've seen stable results with the 560ti at core 1000mhz, haven't seen OC with 560 448 yet - if you find any, please post the link).
I considered SLI (on the long run), but don't know how GPU cooling would be affected due the mATX mobo size. It just seems simpler to buy a new single GPU whenever the need arises.

For the PSU, i have loooked at the Corsair Builder Series CX600 V2. Do you guys reckon this would suffice for my purposes?

Thank you for your attention.
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  1. For a single GTX560 Ti you would need 550-600 watts and for adding a second later in Sli 750-800 watts.

    The CX series is Corsair's budget series and not as high quality as their other lines. You would be better off going with any other line by them. It will run your computer fine though.

    Corsair, Seasonic, PC Power and Cooling, XFX, Silverstone, Enermax and Antec are all good brands.
  2. Thank you for your replies!
    I am going with the Corsair TX650.
    After looking for a while, SLI won't really bring much advantage to me, I'll be playing on a single monitor, not beyong 1080p (i have a second monitor of 15" to keep an eye on the system, so no 3d graphics required), and i won't be playind in 3D (movies in 3D already creep me, no need to play games like that).
    In 2/3 years i'll just get a newer GPU.
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