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hello guys,
i recently bought an asrock q41m-gs3 motherboard socket 775 for my intel core 2 quad.. i also bought and a corsair 4 gb ram.. with installing new motherboard pc wont start start up and after 2 seconds then shutdown .nothing appears on screen no beep sounds which normally i hear a beep..what can cause cousin bought the same motherboard and same problem.. power supply is fine. cpu fine all looks fine..thanks for your help..
intel core 2 quad 2.33 ghz
corsair ddr3 4gb 1333mhz
ati radeon 5770 hd
western digital 1 tb
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  1. What's the PSU? Did you connect both the 24 pin and 4 pin power cables?
  2. yes all cables are connected its not the first time doing that..i have tried everything pc wont start
  3. hello... try using the onboard video first... remove/un-plug your 5770 hd... and plug your monitor into the motherboard rear panel VGA port... and use 1 stick of your ram ( if ya have 2 )... make sure all fans start turning at power up... make sure your CPU fan is plugged into the motherboard CPU connector...
  4. i removed my ati video card and tried onboard but nothing still happens.pc starts blank screen turn of after 5 seconds then start again and shut down in 1 seconds then start up again and close after 5 seconds.all fans are working cpu fan ok psu fan ok all ok but pc wont start.
  5. hello... reset your CMOS bios... remove battery...short cmos/BIO's jumper on motherboard for a few minutes ... return jumper back... replace battery and repeat power up test.
  6. i did exactly what you sayed nothing happened still the same problem..
  7. hello... do you know how or ever boot / install motherboard BIO's? do a search on the subject for your motherboad chipset... and give it a try... download your motherboard bios for your usb stick install.

    unless you can change any other parts out? cause you have tried a RMA for your motherboard...
  8. Try just one stick of ram and a bio s reset
  9. Is your HDD new/fresh? or does it contain the previous OS of your previous system (motherboard and all else). It might be because your HDD contains the previous OS, I tried to use my SSD to boot my Intel Core 2 Quad system and the system didn't boot at all. The SSD was used in my AMD system though..
    What's the model and manufacturer of your PSU? How did you test that your PSU was fine and wasn't the one causing the problem?
    Also an idea but not really sure though, AsRock website states:
    - Dual Channel DDR3 memory technology
    - 2 x DDR3 DIMM slots
    - Supports DDR3 1333(OC)/1066/800 non-ECC, un-buffered memory
    - Max. capacity of system memory: 8GB*
    Maybe you need to OC your system, dunno which one though to make a 1333Mhz RAM work.
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