Green dots everywhere

Hi, I think there is a problem with my graphics card. My system is a p8p67 pro, i5 2500k @ 4.2ghz, hd 6950 sapphire dirt3 edition, 8 gb 1333 corsair vengeance ram.

There seems to be green dots everywhere on my screen, especially where some parts are dark. They show up both on desktop and in games.

If I move any minimized windows around, the green dots flicker sometimes and some dots move around in tandem with the window while some dots are stationary.

I have attached some pictures for you guys to see, hopefully they show what I'm trying to explain. The first one is in game for portal and second a part of my desktop. The dots look a lot sharper on my desktop (1x1 pixel think) than in game where they appear larger or in groups)

I've already tried switching displays, connectors (dvi/hdmi), and different/updating, rolling back display drivers. I just want to confirm that it is the video card and not other components interfering.
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  1. Yes looks like the card is at fault!
  2. hahaha that looks kinda cool, like your entering the matrix, anywho yeah its probably a defective card, i would RMA it
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