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I'm trying to sep up a small server or NAS for a real estate office. They have 5 computers and their main goal is to share/save quickbooks pro. They dont need remote access and would like to back up the server off site or online. They don't need anything fancy and trying to keep it under $1000. I'm thinking about getting a 8-12 port switch, cat 5 cables, and a small server like this http://www.pcconnectionexpress.com/IPA/Shop/Product/Detail.htm?sku=13371257&SourceID=k9470&cm_mmc=GAN-_-Internet%20Brands%20-%20Ben%27s%20Bargain%20Center-_-PC%20Connection%20Express-_-k9470&clickid=0004b9a33a6ec2f00a2a5d49a2880a2b

I'm thinking of running FreeNAS and Server 08 R2, what do you guys think? Am I on the right path?
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  1. Those a neat little servers. Given the size of your office, in addition to looking at FreeNAS or Server 2008, you might consider Windows Home Server as a much lower cost to Server 2008. It will more than handle what you described in your original post and will save you a chunk of money.
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