Blue screens

i had the same motherboard, same ram, cpu, heatsink etc with a graphics card from another computer and a new ssd and i was getting 3 different blue screens. i flashed the bios a week ago and after everything was configured with windows freshly installed and the different graphics card and new ssd among other things i started getting these random blue screens

0x0000003e happens when it boots
0x00000101 happens as soon as i run prime95 or after a few hours whether it be at idle or simple things are being used like google chrome
0x0000001e has happened only once

my temps are good at idle and at full load [finally got everything working after a bios fail safe default reset] and its now running just fine but i dont have an OC on it or anything.

what bios setting would cause all of this? i would like to apply my OC again as i had it running stable at 4.2 and 4.4ghz for a year and a half and i wasnt having any problems.

gigabyte z68x-ud3p-b3
8gb g-skill ripjaws
asus 6670
120gb sandisk extreme ssd
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  1. If it's running fine now I would leave it alone. Some folks attempt to reflash the bios to the old file to go back to overclocking. It might work.
  2. its probably something i just forgot about when i was OCing after the flash
  3. don't know that if one of your devices causing problem like this .. maybe vga or ssd, you can disconnect either one to see any difference.
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