Can't boot at first shot, pc reboots randomly when gaming,(DETAILED)

Hi all guys

first of all, my system config! (stock settings)

ECS p4m900t-m
Intel Q6700 G0
Asus EAH 5770 CuCore
2x2 GB RAm Kingstone, 667 mhz DDR2
Enermax 700 Watt 80+
Hitachi ATA 300 GB Hard Disk
Win 7 64bit Pro

It all started some days ago, when i powered my pc it started booting and when loading windows it rebooted, i let him make the recover tool of windows (loading a previous working system config) and it problem with gaming, later arrested windows normally.

some hours later, i power my pc and again he started rebooting, i choosed to start windows without loading the "previous working system config" it crashed another 2 times, but finally loaded it into desktop and I could use the pc normally..i tried to restart the system and i could do this without problems,so, after the system loaded into windows, there is no problems restarting how many times i want (to install/remove drivers /other)
pc rebooted often when playing (Age of empires 3.. after 2-20 minutes)

i tried running scan disk for errors or damaged sectors => and no errors and no damaged sectors..

I tried formatting and install Win 7 64 bit again..

Installed video drivers and these 2 games..

The problems again when playing, (Age of empires 3 , pc rebooted very often; Heroes of Newerth, rarely rebooting, Starcraft 2 << still have to reinstall this, but i think it will be a 100% crash when playing) i thought of a faulty PSU, but i removed my enermax and reinstalled a new one, still 700Watt 80+, and..

Pc always reboot 2-3 times before loading windows

Downloaded 3dmark06 and prime95..
as soon i started the 3dmark my system rebooted, after rebooting i tried to re-run the 3dmark06 and this time he finished the test
prime95: pc rebooted after some minutes, i tried also to make prime95 + 3dmark06 togheter => instant reboot

(REMOVED 5770)i tried removing one stick of ram at a time and start the pc, and it always reboot some time before loading windows to desktop, i tried a 100% working 1 gb ram (alone on the stick) and it rebooted no matter of ram, (also run memtest86 no errors for 1 hour, and windows memory test and still no errors)

received that blue screen on some boot : IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL Stop 0xA
and when playing age of empires 3 blue screen: ATIKMPAG.SYS Stop 0x116 attempt to reset the display driver and recover from timeout failed drivers are upgraded, i tried also the Asus drivers but no luck, always same crashes ETC, i think of a faulty Capacitor / Northbridge, now I explain you why..

I tried reducing the RAM Frequency from 667 to 553 and prime95 rebooted the pc after 1 minute (FATAL ERROR: Rounding was 0.4999450527, expected less than 0.4
Hardware failure detected, consult stress.txt file.), then from 553 to 400 MHz and prime 95 LASTED FOR 1 HOUR before rebooting,and passed the first 2 tests with no errors on the log

So.. less Frequency on RAM increased some stability on the system, Age of empires 3 seemed to reboot pc less frequently (one time it didn't reboot but just no video(black monitor), i could hear the audio and talk to skype with my friends, had to reboot manually cuz video was gone and pc not responding to anything)

Another thing, Having no paging file on Hard disk seemed to increase a little more stability, now i can play for example age of empires 3 game till the end, but still no luck (and reboot) on heavy games (30+ minutes full battles)

Another thing : when i powered on my pc after some hours...i loaded instantly the BIOS settings, and let the computer here for 10 minutes, and then i let him load the OS.. and..NO ERRORS, loaded windows at first shot, that makes me think of a faulty capacitors (slow time to charge,and can't boost the system for long time when power is needed> playing for example)

so i guess the lower freq on RAM, makes the Mobo use less power, no paging file, makes northbridge work less? tell me if i'm wrong, and then little more stability, but when "hard" work is needed , system reboot

Northbridge faulty? Capacitors Gone? (looked at them for 10 minutes, i'm in doubt in 1 or 2..) or something else?

I'd like to hear you now

Yours Sincerely

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  1. Try cleaning your system with CCleaner. Do the Clean and Registry both. Defrag and reboot. And have a good virus/malware pgm running... like Microsoft Securities Essentials.
  2. It does reboot even with a fresh install of windows , just turning off the pc and power it again => reboot when loading, after 2 or 3 reboots it gets to the desktop..

    i don't think cc clean or antivirus will do the job in that manner :(

    soon i'm gonna buy new capacitors and replace the old one, i'll keep you updated :)

    if you have any other suggestions/advice would be nice :)

    thank you
  3. Clean instalk on windows failing kind oif rules out driver problems.

    I think you said that it failed with the hd5770 removed and when you'd swapping in first one then the other ram dimm.

    Do you have any other cards in your system? sound? wireless? anything? if so, pull it and then try to make prime fail again.

    Do you have another PSU you can swap in ? If the system fails with MB, cpu, memory, disk then it's one of those or the PSU. (or.. ?)
  4. no other cards in the system, just video card (which i tried removing), was just hard disk , Dvd reader, cpu ram mobo..

    i wrote already i swapped the "old" PSU (700 Watt,just 1 year old) with a new one (one egual 700 Watt 80 +), but that wasn't the problem infact, as the reboots still continue..

    few days left to swap the old capacitors with new ones, i'll post here asap :)

    thanks for all the answers :)
  5. just took away 2 capacitors and replaced them with some i had in my house (from a 90s television lol)

    it didn't reboot at start :D

    games seems stable for now , no random reboots yet :D

    i'll test more these days..and let you know how it will be
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