Windows 7 ultimate 64 freezing randomly

System specs: Running Stock(not OC)

i7 3960x


Intel 520 Series SDD 240gb

EVGA gtx 580

Corsair 16gig(8x2) ddr3 1600 1.5v


1100 Watt Tagan BZ Series PSU

Win7 Ult 64bit

Have updated all drivers/bios. I was getting Driver PCI returned invalid ID for a child device (FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF00) in event logs when windows would Hang. Basically anything video intense causes Window to lock I am forced to hard restart. I will start up a game from steam for the first time pretty much guarantee I will lock up within 20 seconds. Second time I load up the game I can play around 2-3min then lock up. Load it up again and I can play 10-15 min then Lock. I have USB 3.0 disabled in BIOS which fixed my child device problem but now the computer just locks up and I look in the event logs and no errors around the time of the lock up. I have minidumps enabled and I am not seeing any minidumps being made. Just installed windows last night so pretty clean system. Running the lastest nvidia drivers. any suggestion would help! I am totally stumped on where to go. Also checked all my Temps everything looks good. Ran memtest86+ for 4 hrs

Just wanted to post an update on my status. Tried a different set of ram. Tried the first 4 dims on the MB. Tried an older ATI 4780. Computer still crashing under load. Thinking could possibly be a faulty PSU not sure. Temps on CPU and GPU still good. tried a different PCIe slot on my mb as well. any suggestion would be loved. picking up a different PSU tomorrow to test that if that doesn't fix it I am assuming the MB is bad.

Tried the new PSU got the same crashes I got before. Also tried a different SSD got the same crashes as before. Only two parts left MB and CPU. Guessing my MB is bad. I tested the CPU for 1 hout at 100% no failure so really doubt it could be the CPU. I got even so desperate to unplug my optical drive to see if that would fix my problem... it didn't :cry:

being working on this issue for a few days about to RMA my board any suggestions and help would be awesome. :fou: :fou: :fou: :fou: :fou: :fou:
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  1. I would guess motherboard! PSU fault would most likely have shut the system down.
  2. small update I was able to play sin of a solar empire rebellion for about 4hr with out a crash. Doesn't seem to be taxing enough on the system to cause the error to occur. Played Chivalry medieval war for 3 min then crashed. can play dota 2 for about 45 min then crash. weirdest symptom I have ever seen.
  3. It is interesting that I can play battle field 3 for over an hour but haven't crashed yet and bf3 is a pretty taxing game.
  4. any suggestions?
  5. All game patches installed and latest drivers for the card?
  6. Memtest run on the ram?
  7. Memtested my memory and tested different sticks of memory. Issue still returns even after I RMA'd the first board. So far Bios 494 or 460 seem to be the most stable. I tried swapping out different video cards(ATI and Nivida) still the same freezes. at this point I am ready to call my dx79si and a pile of crap haha. I thought clocking down my memory to 1333 helped with stability but I think that was the same time I installed the old bios so I am not a 100% sure about that. Going to have another chat with intel support soon I feel like.
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