My internet is going really slow for no reason?

lately in my house, the highest download speed anyone can get what-so-ever is 28 kb/s it makes its almost impossible to do anything.
i did a internet speed test at and it said the download speed was at 300 kb/s
i noticed for about 10 minutes today it increased to 158 kb/s but then went back to 28 kb/s and i cant understand why its doing this, my internet provider would have no reason to have slowed it down, is there any way of figuring out whats wrong?
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    Well you should scan your PC for Malwares,Trojans,Viruses,Spywares..
    Your PC would be infected with some of them that's way your internet is going real slow.
    Another possible cause is that would be something wrong with your cables,Also maybe something is sucking your internet speed like a program or something or maybe something wrong with your router,modem,Lan card or whatever ETC.
    Check those things first and i hope you find the cause...
    Good luck pal!
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