Advice on Alienware m17x r3, What RAM??

Hey guys i was wondering you guys could help me with a simple question. Ive just bought a alienware m17x r3 off someone and it already has 8gb (4*2gb) dual channel @1600mhz ram. I currently have 2*4gb rams sitting at home which are at 1333mhz.
Would you suggest leaving it at the 8gb or increasing it to the 12gb but obviously reducing it to 1333mhz.

p.s i dont really understand what dual channel means but as far as i know obivously the frequency i.e mhz matters!)
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  1. I'm using an M17x R3 right now. It's a great laptop.

    If it already has 8GiB of memory installed I would suggest leaving it. An extra 8GiB would be nice, but the other two DIMM slots are located underneath the keyboard and are require some disassembly of the laptop.

    If you would like to add more memory, I recommend Kingston HyperX, specifically the set with the part number


    Get two of those for 16GiB.

    Make sure that you get the /8GX model as these have the XMP memory profiles which make configuring the high speed memory easy, the /8G do not have XMP profiles.
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