Will a Radeon HD 5770 fit in this machine please?

I have go this computer
Aspire M5910-i74GB #
intel 17-870
8 gig ram
2x pci-E slots ( 2.0 express ( but found out a 2.1 card will fit any way )) so should be cool there, yeah?
hd radeon 5570 card
50 watt power

I am buying a HD5770 card, Im pretty sure it will fit, in fact I have measured the inside of my machine and the card will fit just!
but all this about 6 pin power supplys, do I have them? I dont know.
I know that I have two sockets between the two slots, they are white, im guessing the power goes from back of card to one of these sockets, nearest I guess, am I right.
will I have the power slots for this card. coz the 5570 dont need it as low profile but 5770 does need it.

please help put my mind at rest.#



PS: so mainly I am asking about the power pins, sockets, supply to this card and if I have it, or what to do it I dont, also will it just fit right in please?
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  1. The 6 pin cable connect directly from your power supply to the card NOT from the motherboard to the card. So you while have to check the cables coming from the power supply to be sure. It looks like the top red one in the second to last pic here (note: they are not all red, just this particular power supply has a red 6 pin power cable)

    The white slot you are referring on the motherboard are probably either PCI or PCI-e x1 slots - these are also for cards not cables.

    Are you sure about your measurements? Did you leave a little extra room for the plug? You should double check i think the plug goes at the end of the card and might stick out a bit.

    Also the 5770 would normally come with an adapter to convert molex to a 6 pin.
  2. Gamer-girl,

    thankyou very much for your response. Before you replied I did look inside my case and had a look at what was coming off my power unit/supply IE: cables, and there was 2 6 pin connectors that look like the red one in that picture you directed me to. 2x2 rows of 3 pins, holes ( cant remember exactly ). I also hear that there might be pci or pga ( I think pga aswell ) on side of connectors. So I shall check again. I suppose there are two because some cards might take two power connectors? Or most likely for when you user two cards, IE: Crossfire which I believe I can do. Although the slot that takes the main card is different from the other one opposite, which I think is a little smaller. So I am pretty sure I am OK. Also why build a quite powerful PC, with a 17 870 cpu and 8 gig of ram, win 7 64 and a 500 watt power supply to then not include power connectors for graphics cards, I mean the machine doesnt need low profile cards like the one it has at moment, which dont need the power cable/connector, get me?

    So thanks to you and your picture I am more settled and believe I will be ok.



    PS: I must say that the 5570 is a really good card but just not goods enough for some of the 3D work I do, rendering times are to long and also some of the open gl work and also the 5570 has dedicat6ed 1 gig memory but also can share 4 gig of system memory, now my board has 8 gig and I dont wanna share it, lol. The 5570 can also be Overclocked with amd's own facility via catalyst control centre. But thats a whole other convo, haha, lets stick to the 5770 that IO am getting ion next few days as already ordered!

    cheers again.

  3. Yes there are some graphics cards that need 2 power cables or for 2 graphics cards. I don't think you can go crossfire with that power supply, it might just be a generic brand.

    What is pga??? lol are you talking about golf. Could you mean vga?

    Have a look at these pictures. The second one has VGA labeled and you can see the slots clearly on the third.

    Also the branded (HP, acer etc) computers that you buy from stores are usually put together with the minimum power supply to save cost, it's just business lower cost = higher margins.

    I don't do 3D work so I don't know how much faster it is going to be.
  4. LOL, golf, nah just something I heard on the net some where.

    the picture of the mother board is similar to mine, I have the ;

    2 pci express x1 slots

    2 pci slots

    1 pci-e express 2.0 slots ( I have seen all over the internet that a 2.1 card will fit into this slot, even seen it fit in there on youtube, lol.

    24 pin atx power connector

    4x ram slots, I have 4x2 gig = 8 gig ddr3 ram.

    50 watt power supply and yes for cross fire that supply will have to be changed, to maybe 650 or 700?

    my cpu/board is a LGA 1156 socket. I have the 17, 870 HERE

    SO by looks of things I will be bale to have the hd 5770 card as I have the power cables and space and just about the power supply, this card sits quite low on wattage on idle and max's out around 115, but not to sure on that but will be enough, I reckon and from what I have googled and researched.

    Just for you info my computer is HERE but obviously I have upgraded the ram and now the card, cpu-z says it can take 16 gig of ram but acer says 8 gig max, taken from that link/image/page, haha. So Im guessing yes the board can take 16 gigs but the parts on the mobo cant, am I right or is acer wrong. I would love to have 16 gigs. but to that I would have to change mobo and get the ram ( ram not a problem to get ) but getting right mobo is as it has to take current parts. But this is another question for another forum here, unless you know about this also?

    Im off out till lunch time UK, so for about 4 hours or less, but would like to say THANKYOU very much GG. You have been a massive help and I have some great screen shots to save;.


  5. I've never heard of pga in computing terms.

    If you only have 1 pci-e slot then you won't be able to crossfire and yes a 2.1 card is backwards compatible with a 2.0 slot.

    You will have to upgrade your motherboard to a P67 chipset. If you want to be sure that your power supply can handle the card then check the Amperage rating on the 12v rail. There usually is a sticker on the power supply under 12v that says xxAmps. The power supply would be enough since it is 80 plus certified.

    I know it is LGA 1156 socket, notice the socket on the motherboard picture I linked earlier.

    I was already looking at the other page about your computer :p

    This is from acer support
    Dual-channel DDR3 SDRAM support:
    Up to 2 GB per memory module
    Upgrade option with 4 unbuffered DIMM slots

    So you are limited to your current configuration. Also I am guessing that you have the windows that came with the acer when you brought it so usually changing your motherboard also means buying another copy of windows. keyword is usually.

    - This means you pretty much end up replacing your whole computer if you decide to get a new motherboard + power supply +
    ram. This is why people on the forums recommend you build your own computer from the start.
  6. afaik, pga in computing terms is Pin Grid Array..
    its for cpu
  7. okay thanks never came across pga before.

    But it doesn't make sense in the original context

    I also hear that there might be pci or pga ( I think pga aswell ) on side of connectors.
  8. yes sorry my mistake on the pga.
    and to correct a mistake it is actually a PCI-E 2.0 x 16 @ 16 2.0 that my current and future card will be ruining on, I think I said pci and missed the e in the 2.0, now im getting confused, does the pci express mean pci-e ( the E being the Express in pci-E? )
    I have also heard that pci-e 2.0 and 2.1 are same thi9ng, but backwards and that even the 3.0 coming out will work on 2.0 although all functions might not work, am I right on this? It matters not right now but might in future and I like to get as much info in my head as possible, lol.

    so thanks again for your help and sorry for my mistake and any confusion.

    I shall now ask another question about boards and memory in the relevant section of this forum.#

    This is a great place.


  9. Ah maybe you meant AGP lol thats pga backwards. It was also the interface that graphics cards used before PCI-E.

    Yes the E is for express. I don't know why but computer parts get abbreviated a lot. You should read the wiki

    But basically 2.1 is the same speed as 2.0 with a few improvements and to test some of the features for 3.0.
    3.0 will reduce overhead and "effectively" double the bandwidth. Since you need the new CPU's that are coming out in the next 6 months to use 3.0, your CPU won't support it.

    But it's not really important now because the 2.0 bandwidth is not fully saturated yet. Even when the 2.0 cards came out they also doubled the bandwidth compared to 1.0 but the performance was not half when you put the 2.0 card on a 1.0 slot. I can't remember exactly but I think it was under 10%.
  10. LOL, yeah that is what I meanmt5, Im a proper noob when it comes to inside a computer but great with software. your a star thanks. well ill be happy with what I got for a few years then ill get the mobo with a 3.0 slot and the new cpu and all that jazz but right now I gotta pay for what I got. thanks GG and all else who chipped in. Im so much more in the know now.
    So let me ask you another if you do not mind, I have my pci-e slot as we have discussed, right? well in opposite it i have another slot, it is a different colour ( white as opposed to black fro pci-e ) and it is shorter with less pin slots, I believe, but i havnt counted them, haha. In between them I have my other two pci-e slots, I gather they are not x16 or 2.0, probably the older 1.0 slots, smaller , about an inch and half long, max, slots. but my question is would the longer opposite slot on the other side of my smaller pci-e slots be a x8 slot or another pci-e slot x16 2.0? Im just asking because if I was to up power and crossfire could I, thats what I dont know? Also can you crossfire with two different cards? Does cross fire have to be enabled in some way or does it enable itself when you put the two cards in and cross them? And would it be worth me trying too cross fire a 5570 with my new 45770 when it comes, there is quite a difference between the two cards and I am not even sure the current 5570 would fit in the other slot.
    Told ya Im a noob with hardware.
    But if you dont ask you dont know and once i know I know, lol, with me?

    any way you have been great and answered my original question as best you can so I dont wanna take up more of you time but if you can answer them for me it would be great,

    many thanks GG.

  11. Lol depending on what you mean by a “few years” there could be a PCI-E 4.0 :sarcastic:

    I have to refer to the link with the motherboard pictures again, go to the 3rd picture and zoom in to get a closer look at the slots at bottom.

    - See how the blue PCI-E slot has a notch near the left side of the of the picture, another distinguishing feature of the PCI-E slot is the little tabs at the end of it where you have to press down when you want to remove a graphics card.
    - Now see the slightly shorter slots (3rd and 4th ones down) these are the PCI slots, they are a really old type of slot. Remember how AGP was used before PCI-E? Well before AGP there was PCI graphics cards. You don’t want to use a PCI graphics card when you have a PCI-E slot lol. Also notice how the notches are on the opposite side of the board and they do not have a latch at the end either.

    - Then there is that mini one in between those two, that is a PCI-E x1 slot. These do not fit a PCI-E graphics card.

    Now some notes:

    1. The older PCI-E 1.0 and 1.1 slots look exactly the same the only difference is how they are wired inside.

    2. Only the PCI-E x1 slot looks different, all the others are the same (x4,x8,x16). These represent lanes, I won’t go into too much detail because I might start writing a thesis :lol:

    3. The slot colours are not the same for all boards, store brought computers tend to have the normal dull colours whereas the enthusiasts motherboard come in a whole range of colours because they tend to have windowed cases etc and some like to have matching colours.

    No you cannot crossfire because your motherboard has the H57 chipset. It does not support crossfire or SLI (the Nvidia version of crossfire). To enable crossfire you will have to connect the 2 card using a crossfire cable and then enable crossfire in the catalyst control center.

    Crossfire and SLI only work if you use the exact same 2 graphics card models but they can be from different manufactures, for example 1 card from HIS and one from Sapphire. In your case it has to be 2x 5770 or 2x 5570 – I would not recommend the second scenario since there are single cards that are better than 2 of them together. Also for crossfired 5770’s you would need around a 600w power supply.

    And don't worry everyone starts out as a newbie.

    Okay I felt like I just wrote an essay, now I got to write another for college haha.
  12. ok thanks.
    yes regarding that picture compared to mine, I have two of them small white slots that have pciex1 by them, so guessing by your answers that is a pci 1.0 slot, old and no good, lol.
    I have the blue one with the clip, thats what I use for my card at moment and is my 2.0 slot.

    I have 1 of them longer white slots ( there are two in picture ) so what will go there and what kinda slot is that? sorry if I missed your answer already for that?

    the rest makes sense,

    cheers again,

  13. Photojunkie said:
    ok thanks.
    yes regarding that picture compared to mine, I have two of them small white slots that have pciex1 by them, so guessing by your answers that is a pci 1.0 slot, old and no good, lol.
    I have the blue one with the clip, thats what I use for my card at moment and is my 2.0 slot.

    I have 1 of them longer white slots ( there are two in picture ) so what will go there and what kinda slot is that? sorry if I missed your answer already for that?

    the rest makes sense,

    cheers again,


    Just to update this thread.

    First I would say that acer need to get there facts right because I managed to up my memory to 12 gigs no problems, I checked with PC Wizard/Everest first and also the service guide supplied by ACER and they all said 16 gig was possible, so I have gone to 12 for now. Also the 12 gig I now have shows up in wei / bios / PC Wizard / Everast / and task manger, so Im guessing it works, lol. I use After Effects a lot and also quite a bit of 3d design and a lot of 3D work and large files in Photoshop so memory is an issue with me, but not no more, although you can never have enough when working with them programs! I know that was off subject but just wanted to say that.

    I have also changed GPU to the HD 5770, I got the fxf one because it is slightly smaller and looks more like a card than a box, lol, only kidding, but I did read some articles that the heat spreads easier with the xfx card. The per4ormance, as far as I can tell/read, is exactly the same as saphires ( for example ), and also it is easier to crossfire it as it takes up less room. I still needed to use the plug from the power supply, thanks for that buit of info. Great card and I am playing crysis 2 at high settings ( 1920x1080 ) with no issues and directx11 is a great bonus and works fine, not sure of frame rate as I havnt installed frapps just yet but will.

    I would like to add another one and crossfire them but after reading what you said Gamer-girl
    No you cannot crossfire because your motherboard has the H57 chipset. It does not support crossfire or SLI (the Nvidia version of crossfire). To enable crossfire you will have to connect the 2 card using a crossfire cable and then enable crossfire in the catalyst control centre.
    , so does that mean I cant "full stop" or I can if I get the connecting cable/connector and enable it in CCC?
    Im not really wanting to change mobos because of having to get new copy of windows and re-install the load of apps I have, but would if I had to I suppose.

    I am now upgrading my power supply to 650/700 watt and also changing the case to a larger one so I can improve the cooling as the case I have now leaves no room for advanced cooling. Also will be getting a TB HD for the quick slot HD bay.
    Would love to have a ssd for boot and apps but again that means replacing windows and Im not one for getting non-legit windows, and im not rich but Im not a nerd, haha.

    Yes I would of been better building from scratch but as the acer m5910 was a prezzie I feel it best just to improve it.

    So if any one could just tell me yes or no if I can crossfire at all that would be great. And also my HD bay quick slot is 5.5 inches in length so does that mean I look for a 5.5 inch hd, because I see so many 3.5 or 2.5 ( I guessed 2.5 would be for laptops ), yeah I did say I was a noob, lol, and I wasnt kidding. But I am learning!

    Thanks to all.

    PS: regarding crossfire, I just wanna know, I doubt I will as I dont really need to. I dont use eyefinity and my 5770 plays all I need and if I wanna connect to TV I use a dvi to hdmi connector ( as I have the card without hdmi as it has 2xdvi and a dp, thats good for me )

  14. Hi again Photojunkie lol this thread was so long ago I've almost forgot about it and had to read the whole thing again.

    First question, You can't crossfire.

    There is a big difference between PCI and PCI-E - the E is important and they are not contemptible. The easiest way to tell is to look at where the notch is placed. (Note PCI-E 1.0, 1.1, 2.0, 2.1, 3.0 all look exactly the same) Look at the image below to see the notches:

    If you can play crysis 2 at acceptably there isn't really much point in trying to measure the framerate, they only do that in reviews so you can compared the cards.

    Don't try to force a PCI-E graphics card into a PCI slot - all you will get is bent pins on the graphics card and possibly a damaged PCI slot too.

    You will have to change your motherboard if you want to crossfire but if I was you and required more graphical power then I would just sell the 5770 and buy a better card, something like a 6950 or 560Ti which is almost around the same performance as 2x 5770's.


    Just to put it in perspective, you replaced: RAM + Graphics card.
    You want to replace: Power supply + Case + Hard drive.
    You might replace: Motherboard + Operating system.

    What is left: CPU + Optical disc drive (DVD/CD drive).
    There will be hardly anything left of the acer after those upgrades lol.

    Adding a SSD would require you to re-install windows not replace it. Today 3.5 is a desktop hard drive, 2.5 is a notebook/laptop hard drive and standard SSD's. 5.25 is for DVD/Blu-ray burners.
  15. Hi,

    all my questions now answered, lol, and love the picture.

    well I got the acer FOR free basically so not to worried about replacing things.

    I had a really good look in the pc last night and realised that I only had one pci-e 2.0 x 16 slot, so yes I now know I cant crossfire because the slots just are not there, also I think the chipset wont let me.

    The reason I wanted to up the power is because some one told me I would have to to get the most out of every thing in pc, see Im adding a TB internal HD, so that will be 2 HD's, ( plus my 500 gig external ) a 5770 card, 12 gig of ram etc etc, so me being a noob can only act on advise although I dont seem to see any trouble with power at the moment, perhaps you have an opinion on that please?

    The case idea was just so I could add some better cooling, as temps do get really high when playing games, or hard rendering ( photoshop/maya etc ), and the acer case is tiny and has no room for any decent cooling.

    yes I get what your saying about it will hardly be a acer machine by end of it, lol, but is that a bad thing? hahaha.

    Just out of interest do you think THIS psu will be ok in my pc? please.

    The mobo/cpu I will leave as is.

    On a side note acer and every where that sells this pc says that 8 gig is max, but I got the service guide and saw that it said it can take 16 gig, so I got Everast/pc wizard plus the said service guide and they all said 16 gig was fine, so I added 2x4 gig corsair xms3 ram and the pc works fine with it, it shows up in bios/task manager/pc wizard, blah, blah , blah. Point being that some times it is good to research your self rather than rely on "acer" in this case!

    gamer-girl you have been a great help to a noob, I have learnt a lot from you and I thankyou. Cheers.
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