Do I need to download chipset drivers?

I have a H77 chipset on the H77M micro atx board and I can't find the chipset driver anywhere. My motherboard drivers are here: and I can't find that chipset driver anywhere. Does windows 7 just automatically install the chipset driver or is it on that motherboard driver page? Just to confirm, all I need for drivers would be just all the drivers on my motherboard page, chipset driver, and gpu driver right? Thanks in advance, you are saving me from going crazy lol.
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  1. Motherboard drivers = Chipset drivers!
  2. rolli59 said:
    Motherboard drivers = Chipset drivers!

    So all that I need to download are all of the drivers on my mobo page and gpu page? I am a first time computer builder so excuse my nooby ness.
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    Yes correct all you need.
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